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Below are the small groups we offer at our State Fair Site. We want everyone to be able to connect in community, especially during this time as we all deal with COVID-19. So, we are now offering groups on virtually via Zoom! Some in person groups are offering the option to Zoom into the meeting for those who prefer not to attend in person. Check the group details to find one that will meet your needs! If you have any questions regarding small groups, contact Chris ( 

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Spiritual Growth

The deeply formed life

Details Led by Leon Powell
Tuesday - 6:30PM
Church Building
During our chaotic times, discover five forgotten values that can spark internal growth and help us reconcile our Christian faith with the complexities of race, sexuality, and social justice. .

Young adults

Details Led by Ben and Bree Taylor
Wednesday - 7PM
We will be exploring the Bible Project

Taking it deeper

Details Led by Justyn and Delaney Palmatier
Thursday - 6PM
We will be looking at the sermon each week diving deeper into what was being said and sharing life and food along the way. Open to all ages.

3rd - 5th grade

Details Lead by Quintal Stitt
Wednesday- 6:30PM
Church Building

2 Peter Study

Details Led by Randy and Janice Rupe
Wednesday - 7PM
Our group will be studying the book of 2nd Peter together. Join us!

How to read your bible

Details Led by Chris Honess
Wednesday - 6:30PM
Church Building
The Bible is the most important book you'll ever read, but how do we read it well? We will look at how to read our Bibles together in a workshop setting. Childcare available at the church.

teens 6th - 12th grade

Details Lead by Justyn Palmatier
Wednesday - 6:30PM to 7:45PM
State Fair Site
315.407.8463 |
Masks must be worn. This group is for kids in 6th - 12th grade. Our goal is to develop, connect, and love students into intentional relationship with God and others. Each week we start with a family-style dinner followed by some fun activity, worship, and age appropriate lesson groups.

The Chosen: season 2

Details Led by Gretchen Leporte Mondays - 7:00PM | Church Building

Hearing from god

Details Led by Darlene Long
Wednesday - 6:30PM
Church Building
We will be practicing hearing from God using Bible study, meditation, journaling, and more. Childcare available at the church.

Leadership in the bible

Details Led by Paul Honess
Tuesday - 6:30PM
given you you will discover a renewed sense of pur pose and excitement as you partner with God to help your church and your community.

Experiencing Scripture

Details Led by Chris Goral
Wednesday - 6PM

The chosen: season 2

Details Led by Judy Edhe
Wednesday - 6:30PM
Church Building

A Walk Through Psalms

Details Lead by Charlie Edgar
Wednesday - 2PM
315.727.3591 |
We will be taking a slow walk through the Psalms to study them in depth.

The Chosen: Season 2

Details Led by Gwen Elmer
Sunday - 5PM

The chosen: season 2

Details Led by Roy & Stacy Johnson
Thursday - 7PM

Social Groups

Singles group

Led by Laurie Champlin & Renee Acuff Tuesday - 6PM
We will be exploring The Chosen: Season 2.

Women's Groups

The Chosen: Season 2

Details Led by Janet Rasbeck
Tuesday - 10AM
Church Building
We will be studying The Chosen: Season 2

None Like him

Details Led by Margie Klimachefsky
Wednesday - 9:30AM
We will be studying 10 ways God is not like us. We will be using Jen Wilkin's book "None Like Him".

The Whole woman

Details Led by Natasha Trammell
Saturdays - 10:30AM
Hope Cafe in Liverpool
We will be studying The Whole Woman, by Kristen Kellen & Julia Higgins

Men's Groups

Men's bible study

Details Led by John Lewis
Monday - 6:30PM

The Chosen: Season 2

Details Led by Bill Kaleta
Saturday - 8AM
Church Building

Support Groups


Details Lead by Charlie Edgar
Thursday - 10AM
State Fair Building
Losing a loved one is excruciatingly painful. It's hard to know how to grieve. Griefshare is a safe community where we can learn and practice grieving together with others who have lost loved ones as well.

Groups That Are Coming Soon!


Chris Honess
Wednesday- 6:30PM
Church Building
Begins March 16th
Childcare available at the church

Beginner SPanish

Beth Clark
Want to learn the basics of Spanish sentence construction and vocabulary? Join a small group of people looking to learn beginner Spanish and practice together.