Relationships are key to growth. To help facilitate relationships here at the Vineyard, we have Small Groups and Interest Groups. These are groups of 5+ people that get together - at church, online, at home, or elsewhere - for the purpose of growing in our relationship with God and each other. Our groups run on a trimester schedule. Each trimester we launch groups that last between 5 and 10 weeks, depending on the topic and type of group ! If you have any questions regarding small groups, contact Laurie (


1 Thessalonians

Led by Gwen Elmer
A brief look at the book of 1 Thessalonians with Ben Stuart.

Online | Monday | 6PM

Warrior Women

WOMEN'S GROUP | Led by Janet Rasbeck
A 6-week study into what it means to be a warrior for God. We will be studying the story of Deborah, Batak, Jael, and others.

State Fair Site | Tuesday | 10AM

Bible and Prayer Group

Led by Stephen Piersall
We pray for communities and public servants in Syracuse and around the world, as well as look at the Bible for guidance on how we are called to respond to current events.

Online | Tuesday | 6PM

Jesus' Farewell Message by Francis Chan

Led by Mike Van Epps & Bob Kay
An informal group that meets weekly in our home in Cicero. Our main goal is to build solid friendships while growing in our faith. We also eat and try to have some fun.

Cicero | Tuesday | 7PM

Soundtracks by Jon Alcuff

Led by Paul Honess
How to change your thoughts from confusing paralyzing to spiritually mature thinking and decision making.

Online | Tuesday | 6:30-8PM


Led by Connie Mahan & Penny Beach
Together we will learn when to say yes and when to say no in order to take control of our lives. How to set healthy, biblical boundaries with family, friends, parents, co-workers and even ourselves

State Fair Site | Wednesday | 6PM

Kid's Superbook Small Group

CHILDREN GRADES 2-5 | Led by Q Stitt
Join Chris, Joy and Gizmo as they travel through time and space to relive the greatest stories ever told! Your children will be captivated by Superbook videos, enter into prayer and worship, and take part in exciting games and activities that uncover the difference between knowing about God and knowing God.

State Fair Site | Wednesday | 6:30PM

Heart of God

Led by Harold Bliss & Bodohanitra Rasoanirina
Everyone is welcome.

State Fair Site | Wednesday | 6:30PM

Prayer Course by Pete Grieg

Led by Chris Goral
We are studying an 8-session video series called Prayer with Pete Grieg.

Marcellus | Wednesday | 6:30PM

Romans Chapters 5, 6, 7

Led by Mark & Judy Ehde
We will continue our RightNow Media study of Romans Part 1 , starting with Session 7.

State Fair Site | Wednesday | 6:30PM

Grupo en Casa

EN ESPAÑOL | Led by Avi & Damaris Nuñez
General Bible Study Español

Camillus | Wednesday | 6:30PM

The Beatitudes

Led by Randy & Janice Rupe
This video series takes us through the Beatitudes and shows us what it means to live in the Kingdom of God. Through Jesus' teaching, learn what the blessed life really looks like.

Minoa | Wednesday | 6:30PM
(315) 415-3613

The Ten Commandments

WOMEN'S GROUP | Led by Lexis Van Epps
Are the Ten Commandments just a list of rules we are supposed to obey? Do they still apply today? If so, how do we apply the commandments to our every day lives?
Pastor Albert Tate will take us through the 10 Commandments and show us how we were first loved by God and what it looks like to love him in return.

Online | Wednesday | 6:30pm

Young Families

YOUNG PARENTS GROUP | Led by Chris Honess
A group for parents in their 20s/30s looking to grow deeper in their faith with Jesus and deeper with community. We hope to grow in our formation of who Jesus has created us to be through this group.

State Fair Site | Wednesday | 6:30PM

Get Out of Your Head

WOMEN'S GROUP | Led by Judy Ehde
Win the war over your destructive thoughts using God's Word.

State Fair Site | Thursday | 6:30PM

Saturday Men's Group

MEN'S GROUP | Led by Bill Kaleta
A group of guys who challenge each other while worshipping, praying, and learning more about God.

State Fair Site | Saturday | 8AM

What the Women Saw

WOMEN'S GROUP | Led by Toni Vadala
This group will focus on who Jesus was, through the women's perspective, using a 6 video series. We will review the importance of Women in the Kingdom of God. Studying their faith, their failures, and remind ourselves how Jesus cared for and valued the women that surrounded him. He continues to fulfill us to this day. Let us be reminded.

Online | Saturday | 11AM


Interest Groups center around an activity or shared hobby.

Junk Journaling

Led by Renee Acuff
Junk journals are a creative way to capture thoughts, notes, and ideas. They are created from a combination of recycled and new materials and can be used to write, draw, paint, or doodle in.

State Fair Site | Tuesday | 6PM

Sewing for the Need

Led by Janet Rasbeck
Group of people with portable sewing machines. Sewing skills not necessary. If you can sew a semi straight line with your machine…come join us. Fabric is provided. Please bring your own sewing machine. Presently making grocery bags for food pantries.

State Fair Site | Friday | 3-8pm (ish)

Hiking Together

Led by Beth Albany & Malea Perkins
A bi-weekly hiking group.

CNY | Saturdays | 8:30AM


Gambler’s Anonymous

Saturday - 10:30AM
State Fair Site
A community who shares their experience, strength, and hope with each other so that they may help others to recover from a gambling problem.