Small Groups

Below are the small groups we offer at our State Fair Site. We want everyone to be able to connect in community, especially during this time as we all deal with COVID-19. So, we are now offering groups on virtually via Zoom! Some in person groups are offering the option to Zoom into the meeting for those who prefer not to attend in person. Check the group details to find one that will meet your needs! If you have any questions regarding small groups, contact Chris ( 

Sign up for a small group here!

All groups will be following along with our all church campaign, The Chosen! (Other groups outside of the campaign are below)

Small Groups Kick off on September 26th

Gwen Elmer

Details Led by Gwen Elmer
Sunday - 5PM

Janet Rasbeck

Details Led by Janet Rasbeck
Tuesday - 10AM

Janice and Randy Rupe

Details Led by Randy and Janice Rupe
Wednesday - 6:30PM

Women's group

Details Led by Margie Klimachefsky
Wednesday - 10AM

Jim & Marie Hawley

Details Led by Jim and Marie Hawley
Wednesday - 6PM

Men's group

Details Led by John Lewis
Monday - 6:30PM

Be Well

Details Led by Kevin Smith
Monday - 6:00PM
Church Building

Paul Honess

Details Led by Paul Honess
Tuesday - 6:30PM

Judy Edhe

Details Led by Judy Edhe
Wednesday - 6:30PM
Church Building


Details Tuesday - 6PM

Teens (6th-12th)

Details Lead by Justyn Palmatier
Wednesday - 6:30PM to 7:45PM
State Fair Site
315.407.8463 |
Masks must be worn. This group is for kids in 6th - 12th grade. Our goal is to develop, connect, and love students into intentional relationship with God and others. Each week we start with a family-style dinner followed by some fun activity, worship, and age appropriate lesson groups.

Wednesday Walkers

Details Led by Janet Rasbeck
Wednesday - 6:30PM
Outside of Building

Natasha trammell

Details Led by Natasha Trammell
Thursday - 6PM
Church Building

Bill Kaleta

Details Led by Bill Kaleta
Saturday - 8AM
Church Building

Leon Powell

Details Led by Leon Powell
Wednesday - 6:30PM
State Fair Site

Quintal & Lawanda Stitt

Details Led by Quintall & Lawanda Stitt
Thursday - 6:30PM

Gretchen Leporte

Details Led by Gretchen Leporte Mondays - 7:00PM | Church Building

Chris Goral

Details Led by Chris Goral
Wednesday - 6PM

Chris Honess

Details Led by Chris Honess
Wednesday - 6:30PM
Church Building

Young Adults

Details Led by Ben and Bree Taylor
Wednesday - 7PM

Roy & Stacy Johnson

Details Led by Roy & Stacy Johnson Thursday - 7PM

Other groups

Gambler's Anonymous

Details Mondays - 1:00PM | Church Building
Saturdays - 10:30AM | Church Building
Connect with others who share in the desire to stop Gambling.

The Psalms

Details Lead by Charlie Edgar
Wednesday - 2PM
315.727.3591 |
We will be taking a slow walk through the Psalms to study them in depth.

Divorce Care

Details Lead by Tammy Kahn
Tuesday - 6:30PM
Church Building
Supporting those who have dealt with divorce