Small Groups

Below are the small groups we offer at our Cicero. We want everyone to be able to connect in community, especially during this time as we all deal with COVID-19. So, we are now offering groups on virtually via Zoom! Some in person groups are offering the option to Zoom into the meeting for those who prefer not to attend in person. Check the group details to find one that will meet your needs! If you have any questions regarding small groups, contact Chris (

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Sunday Sermon Discussion

Details Led by Paul Honess
Tuesday - 6:30PM
Diving deeper into the Sunday messages


Details Lead by Charlie Edgar
Wednesday - 2PM
315.727.3591 |
We will be reading slowly through the Psalms together discussing their meaning and sharing life together...

Books Of The Bible

Details Led by Stephen Piersall
Tuesday - 6PM


Details Led by April Dolan
Wednesday - 7:30PM

30 Minutes in Book of Hebrews

Details Led by Chris Honess
Days Varying - Lunchtime
30 minutes during lunch on varying days of the week. Book of Hebrews teaches us about the person of Jesus and how to look to Him for help in our daily lives


Details Led by Randy and Janice Rupe
Wednesday - 7PM
Today's Christians can feel intimidated by society's increasing disdain for religion, something which Daniel understood all too well. God's faithfulness to Daniel during his persecutions and sufferings is the same faithfulness he offers us today. Daniel is thus a very timely book for today's Christians, reminding us of the unchanging nature of God's love and fidelity, even in the midst of darkness.

Book of James

Details Led by Margie Klimachefsky
Wednesday - 9:30AM
Church Building & Zoom
Study the book of James in Bible..