small groups

Below are the small groups we offer at our Cicero. We want everyone to be able to connect in community, especially during this time as we all deal with COVID-19. So, we are now offering groups on virtually via Zoom! Some in person groups are offering the option to Zoom into the meeting for those who prefer not to attend in person. Check the group details to find one that will meet your needs! If you have any questions regarding small groups, contact Bob ( 

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Spiritual Growth


Details Led by Bob Kay
Thursday - 6:30PM
Virtual & Cicero Site
Rediscover your understanding of the priniciples that life with Christ brings: contentment, initimcy,, compassion, rest and more.

God will carry you through

Details Led by Brandie Touron
Tuesday - 6PM
Grief affects us all at one point or another. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, marriage issues, illness, job loss, or the stress of everyday life, you need the assurance that God will be there for you during tough times. This group will read God Will Carry You Through by Max Lucado. We will gather to learn about grief through the Word and to lean on each other for prayer and support.

Men's Groups

Studying acts

Details Lead by Mike Van Epps
Tuesdays - 7PM
Virtual & At Cicero Building
This is a relaxed group that doesn't follow a particular study per se. This Winter they will continue digging into the book of Acts.

Women's Groups

The Armor of god

Details Wednesday- 6:30PM
A devoted, devilish enemy seeks to wreak havoc on everything that matters to you: your heart, your mind, your marriage, your children, your relationships, your resilience, your dreams, your destiny. But his battle plan depends on catching you unaware and unarmed. If you're tired of being pushed around and caught with your guard down, this study is for you.

The Thoughts We Think, The Words We Speak: A Study of the Book of Ephesians

Details Lead by Lexis Van Epps
Wednesday - 6:30PM
With all that goes on in the world it's hard to have thoughts and words that align with biblical truth. This is the heart of Ephesians. It is about living a life so filled with Jesus that it spills over into all we think, do and say..

Heroes of faith

Details Lead by Cathy Kay
Tuesday - 4PM
In this group each member will take turns researching and teaching on a man or woman that inspires them. This can be a Biblical figure or just someone who has championed the faith. A truly unique small group experience!