Syracuse Site Teens

Students entering grades 6-12 meet on Wednesday nights from 7-8:30pm in the youth room for food, live music and small group based teachings.

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Some call the period of time from pre-teen to early twenties “The Tunnel” because it can be a dark place for us as we develop into the adults we will be. Isaiah 40:30 states “Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall”. Junior High and Senior High exist to direct the youth that God brings through our doors to an understanding of who they are in Gods eyes. It educates them on the need for an authentic relationship with Christ and the need for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. By bringing the realization of “The Light” of God into these dark corridors of life in today’s youth, we can help them navigate in a much healthier God centered way.


Our Leaders come from all walks of life, from teachers to social work. All have a desire to see the youth in central New York connect with God in a deep and genuine way. Their training equips them for dealing with the particular issues that this ministry presents.


During regular services Saturday night and Sunday mornings, 6th thru 8th come into the youth room for a Sanctuary video feed worship in a youth focused environment. We then have an age appropriate lesson using all sorts of visual illustrations and themed lessons featuring today’s TV, movie and pop cultural icons.

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