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God has given everyone natural talents, spiritual gifts and heart passions. As a church we want to help everyone find their unique combination of these and how they can use that to serve others and honor Jesus. Serving is more fun and life giving when we nail it. To help with that we offer a three-week Discovery Class to allow you to discover the unique way God made you. Below are a number of different serving opportunities. For more information on ministry opportunities, or volunteering at the Vineyard you can contact Ted at

Buildings and Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds team works to maintain and improve the facility and the area around the facility. Volunteers work on projects such as painting, general maintenance, landscaping, or specialized trades. Project times vary, but generally something is happening once a month. For more information, contact Evan Brownell at

Youth Ministry

We have a fun and engaging youth program for Jr. and Sr. high schoolers. Our leaders all have a thorough background check and go through training to equip themselves for dealing with the issues this ministry presents. Come join us! For more information contact Evan Brownell at


If you have an interest in books and music, basic computer and math skills, and a desire to serve after service this could be your niche! The only other requirement is a friendly smile. Be ready to reap the benefit of meeting new people! For more information contact Brenda McAfoose at

Vineyard Kids

Jess McCray is in charge of our Children’s Ministry at the Vineyard. We seek to introduce children to the love of Jesus. We do this through exciting, energetic, and interactive programs for infants through fifth-graders. For more information contact Jess McCray at

Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry assists families and individuals in need, by supplying groceries. The team works on Thursday mornings, stocking the shelves, and Saturday afternoons distributing food. For more information contact Joe and Sandy Buchmann at 315-407-8463.


If you enjoy warm interactions, preparing and serving delicious snacks, and working in a fun environment, then the hospitality team is for you. You can set up, clean up, prepare or serve food. All that is required is a great smile and a desire to serve. If you are interested in this ministry please contact Jean at or call Gwen at 315-407-8463.

Hospital Prayer

This is a ministry for people who are interested in praying for the sick and comforting people in need. For more information contact Chris Honess at

Host Team

Our vision as the Vineyard Host Team is to show intentional hospitality to every person who walks through our door. Whether it is through a warm hello as we open a door or just a friendly face ready to help. Our job is to help people relax and feel at home. For more information contact Gwen Elmer at or call 315-407-8463.

Prayer Team

We have two opportunities for people to pray for the needs of others. One is a team that prays for the connection card prayer requests. Contact Chris Honess for more information at

Safety Team

We at the Vineyard aim to provide an environment where people can relax and feel that they truly are in a safe place. The Safety Teams primary responsibility is to provide a calm, reassuring, approachable presence and to help anyone who may be in need. For more information please contact Evan at

Outreach Team

We believe that small acts of kindness can change the world. Join us in giving away free stuff (bottled water on a hot day, Pepsi, popsicles, or fun toys for the kids) with no strings attached. We simply want to remind people that God loves them! For more information contact Ted at

Tech Team

Numerous technical pieces, including lights, ProPresentor, sound board, and video camera, must be put together in order for a weekend service to run smoothly. All skill levels welcome. Contact Gary for more information at

Worship Team

Get involved by using your musical or vocal gifts to work with the team to help bring the congregation into a place of worship. For more information contact Ted Kim at or call 315-407-8463.

Volunteer Administrative Assistant

This is a ministry for you if you wish to serve in the office. You would be assisting a staff member with mailings, organizing, phone calls, preparation for classes, etc. For more information contact Chris Goral at or call 315-407-8463.

Small Group Host or Leader

Do you have the ability to pastor a group of people and facilitate a group discussion? Or are you a great host and willing to welcome a group of people into your home? Get involved today! For more information contact Chris Goral at or call 315-407-8463.

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