Syracuse Site


Location: 312 Lakeside Rd. Syracuse, NY 13209
Service Times: Saturday at 5:00 pm | Sunday at 9:10 am and 10:50 am in our main sanctuary as well as services at 10:50 am and 12:30 pm in our fireside room.

The Syracuse site is our largest site with five services. The services in our main sanctuary are larger while the services in our fireside have more of a coffee house feel. John, our lead pastor, preaches live at all the services (except the 10:50 fireside service which he preaches via high definition video).

Gwen is a staff pastor who is in charge of connections. She would be glad to answer your questions or help you get plugged in.

Gwen has been married to John 28 years- 3 children Josh married to Sarah, Jenni and David and two delightful grandchildren. She oversees the host team, hospitality team, and safety team and is involved in other areas. She loves hiking, running and hanging out with her family.

Her email is