One Church…Multiple Locations
As a church we desire to serve as many people in Central New York as possible. One way we do that is by being a multi-site church. This means that we have services in several different locations while staying united as one church.

One Church:

All our multi-sites are under the leadership of lead pastor, John Elmer, and share the same vision and values, have the same board of trustees, listen to the same weekend message (either live or via video,) work with the same budget and share a central office.

Multiple Locations:

Each site meets in a different building and has its own site pastor who oversees pastoral care, leadership development and the overall operation of the site. In addition, each site has its own children’s ministry, live worship team, prayer teams and service projects unique to that site.

Being a multi-site church helps us to serve a wider band of people while giving more of us a chance to be involved. This structure also allows us to keep our gatherings at a more personal size. It also allows us to put more resources into people and not into building bigger buildings.