Next Steps

Becoming a part of a church can be a confusing journey.  Each person has their own set of expectations and constraints.  We understand that.  Below are some easy steps that we highly recommend for you to take at your own pace.

Newcomers’ Meal

Attending a Newcomers’ Meal is a great first step.  You’ll hear about our vision, meet the staff, enjoy a good meal and at the end you will have a chance to take a tour of the building. The Newcomers’ Meal is an easy place to ask questions. Kids are welcome.

Vision Class

This three-week class is taught by our lead pastor and is geared to help you get a good understanding of who we are.  The first week we will talk about our story: where we’ve been and where we’re headed.  Week two you will learn about our foundations:  what we believe and value.  The third week takes a nuts and bolts look inside the Vineyard:  our finances, how to get involved and how leadership works.

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