drive-in service

August 2nd - 5pm

Auburn Site
360 Grant Avenue
Auburn, NY 13021

 We will practice our DTM rules: Distance, Touch-free, Masks. You can sit in your car or you can bring your lawn chair to sit right outside your car. While we are all excited to see each other, please do not no hug or handshake please. Anytime you are outside your car, we will require you wear a mask.

What does a “Drive-in Service” look like?  


We will only use every other parking spot to keep everyone at a safe distance.  You may bring a lawn chair and sit next to your vehicle, just be sure to stay in the same parking spot.  If you bring your children they will need to stay with you in that parking spot.
Touch Free: 
 While we are all excited to see each other, no hugging or handshakes please.  But you can enthusiastically wave to each other.  (Remember “D”, we will be practicing distancing.)
If you choose to sit outside your vehicle, masks are required.  
The restrooms at the site will be open.  If you enter the building you must wear a mask.  There will be someone monitoring the number of people in the building and disinfecting as people enter and leave.
This service is not for everyone. If you are feeling sick, if you or a member of your household has a compromised immune system or if you are elderly it may be best to stay home. If you bring kids they will have the same distancing expectations as the adults. (Stay next to the car and wear a mask if outside of it.)