Cicero Site Ministries

God has given everyone natural talents, spiritual gifts and heart passions. As a church we want to help everyone find their unique combination of these and how they can use that to serve others and honor Jesus. Serving is more fun and life giving when we nail it. To help with that we offer a three-week Discovery Class to allow you to discover the unique way God made you. Below are a number of different serving opportunities.

For more information on ministry opportunities, or volunteering at the Vineyard you can contact Bob at

Prayer Team

Our prayer team is available after each service to pray with people for anything going on in their lives: relationally, emotionally, physically or spiritually. This team is trained in Vineyard model of prayer. For more information, contact Angela Moyers –

Host Team

Our vision as the Vineyard Host Team is to show intentional hospitality to every person who walks through our door. Whether it is through a warm hello as we open a door, or just a friendly face ready to help. Our job is to help people relax and feel at home. For more information, contact Michele Lennox –

Outreach Team

We believe that small acts of kindness can change the world. Join us in giving away free stuff with no strings attached. We simply want to remind people that God loves them! For more information, contact Lisa Andrews –

Hospitality Team

If you enjoy warm interactions, preparing and serving delicious snacks, and working in a fun environment, then the hospitality team is for you. All that is required is a great smile and a desire to serve. For more information, contact Kelly Parkhurst –

Youth Ministry

We have a fun and engaging youth program for 5 th -8 th graders!. Our leaders all have a thorough background check and go through training to equip themselves for dealing with the issues this ministry presents. Come join us! For more information contact Kelsey Fox –

Tech & Sound Team

The goal of the tech team is to create an audio and visual environment that helps remove the barriers to receiving God’s Word. We will work with and serve the Worship Team in order to enhance their talents and increase the enjoyment of and participation in worship. We will also work with and serve the Pastoral Staff in order to effectively deliver God’s Word. For more information, contact Mike Van Epps –


At the Vineyard, worship is what we do. Webster’s dictionary defines worship as reverent honor and homage paid to God. We can do that in a number of ways. On Sunday nights we express that through music and singing together. For more information, contact Tyler Stellmack –

Children’s Ministry

We seek to introduce children to the love of Jesus. We do this through exciting, energetic, and interactive programs for infants through fifth-graders. For more information contact: Lexis Van Epps –

Safety Team

Our goal is to provide a safe and relaxed environment where people are free to connect with God and study his word. The safety team works to provide that sort of environment by making sure that areas like the nursery and classrooms are safe and to be a reassuring presence to anyone who may need assistance. For more information contact: Andrew Glick –

Physical Address
8262 Brewerton Road #1, Cicero, NY 13039

Mailing Address
312 Lakeside Rd., Syracuse, NY 13209  |   315-699-7900