Our Vision

We want to be a community of people who create a “Come as you are…and be loved” atmosphere.

This simply means that every person who engages this community should be treated with love and respect. All are welcome regardless of where they are in their spiritual journey, what their economic standing is, how much education they have or their ethnic background.


Grab – Grow – n – Go

Within a “Come asĀ  you are…and be loved” atmosphere we want people to Grab – Grow – n – Go.

Grab - We want people to “grab” onto Jesus and connect with a healthy community of people

Grow - We want people to “grow” towards their fullest potential

Go - We want people to”go” into their God-given roles


The Vineyard Balance

We, as a church, seek to develop in a healthy blend of these three areas with a “Come as you are…and be loved” atmosphere.



Biblically Thoughtful – We believe that the bible is God’s word. It communicated His heart and mind so we as a church want to thoughtfully engage it. In a sense we need to wrestle with its truths and let them challenge us in an honest way.

Holy Spirit Empowered – Beyond the truths of God, we desperately want the power of God to fill us. We need His healing touch and supernatural power to free us.

Culturally Relevant – As a church we want to understand and engage our culture in a way that makes sense to people.